Portofino Hotel
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Address: 9. Fevzi Çakmak Avenue, Famagusta, North Cyprus, Mersin 10 - Turkey
Tel :  (0392) 366 4392     (0392) 366 4393
Fax:  (0392) 366 2949
About Us
Our Service Understanding
According to our service concept based on customer satisfaction. We are serving to our precious customers, latest opportunuties coming with the help of technology. With our experienced staff, advanced technical equipment, our professional approach, friendly and sincere efforts of our service, As a Portofino Hotel  we are striving to reach the perfection and trying to worth of our precious customers.

Our Quality Understanding
With the help of improved technology and his coming opportunities; We are striving to meet  quality expection of our customers and trying to serve this service as fast as possible and in a perfect adapt. You will see the  fantastic difference of portofino hotel and understand how you're right about choosing Portofino Hotel. Firstly we are believing the Quality, friendly, friendly and approachable staff provides you with the work visible, tangible quality that will achieve excellent results.